First Annual Award Celebration, Self Made in New Hampshire, a tribute to people who have truly carved their own place in our state.

June, 2011 Busines NH Magazine

Raised in a working class family on Manchester's west side, Ben Gamache started on the path to real estate development at age 17, when he tried to buy his first home and investment property. When the bank realized that he was too your to take out a loan, Gamache convinced the bank and property owner to hold the deal for six months until he turned 18. 

After working with his father, a licensed plumber, Gamache struck out on his own. In 1976 he founded Gamache Enterprises, a real estate investment firm in Manchester, which initially focused on residential real estate and owned 1,800 apartments by 1990. Gamache Enterprises no longer owns residential properties, but now has 200,000 sq. ft. of mill space and a total of 700,000 sq. ft. of commercial property. 

A community leader, Gamache is on the board of directors for Easter Seals nationally. He is also chairman of the board for Intown Manchester, a nonprofit that works to enhance the economic vitality of Manchester's downtown.